There are several different things you can check if wireless is not working:



The most common issue when printing does not work is that you are not connected to SaxaNet. Confirm this before anything else.

If you have recently installed the new print deploy client, you may be having trouble if you did not uninstall the previous MSB Find Me Printer/iPrint System. The video below can guide you through the uninstallation process for Windows computers. The steps are similar on MacOS systems:

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After uninstalling the previous system, follow these steps

If all else fails, you can try completely reinstalling the printer system. Find steps for this process on Windows systems here and MacOS systems here

If it is still not working, the print server might be down and you should contact the MSB Tech Center.


As of Fall 2021, in order to book rooms in the Hariri building, you have to set up an EMS account. Once we have verified and approved your EMS account, you can reserve rooms in the Hariri building. You will not be able to reserve a room until your EMS account has been granted access. 

For help setting up your EMS account, please visit this page.


If you are suddenly locked out of your email account, it usually means you did not change your UIS password before the expiration date and your account is temporarily locked.


All room reservations for students are made through the Georgetown Event Management System (EMS) which can be found here:

As of Fall 2021, all EMS accounts require manual configuring in order to book rooms in the Hariri building. Please follow instructions here to set up your account.


Check out this page on the iClicker website for ways to troubleshoot your account: