The MSB Tech Center now supports the iClicker Reef application. Various professors will be using it in classes starting September 2019.

The iClicker Reef student experience is universal and independent of the instructor software preference (iClicker Cloud or iClicker Classic).  It's important that students include their Student ID when setting up their accounts. You may have different Student IDs on campus; this would be the one associated with Canvas.

Below are instructions for students to get started:

1. Go to ( > Create an Account > Student) or download the iClicker Reef app from the Apple or Google Play stores.

2. Sign up and create an iClicker Reef account.

3. When creating an account, select Georgetown University McDonough School of Business as the institution.

4. Include your Canvas Student ID when creating your account

5. After creating an account, login to iClicker Reef using your new iClicker Reef credentials.

6. Click Add a Course.

7. Select the same institution name used in step 3.

8. Search for your instructor's name, your course name, and select your course.

9. Click Add This Course

Below are instructions for instructors using the iClicker Cloud:

1. Visit and select the instructor software that is right for you (PC or Mac). Download the most current version of the software to your device.

2. Extract the download and place the iClicker Cloud application on your computer or flash drive.

3. Launch the application; create an iClicker Cloud account or login if you have an existing iClicker Cloud account. Select Georgetown University McDonough School of Business as the institution.

4. Create a new course. Ensure that the institution in the “Your Institution” field is Georgetown University McDonough School of Business.

For more information please look at this document with more support links or come by the MSB Tech Center!


Banner is a software application that maintains student, alumni, financial and personnel data for higher education institutions. To access Banner:

If you are unsure if your computer meets these requirements, contact the technology center.


Cognos is an application used for primarily business intelligence and performance management analytics. If you would like to gain access to Cognos, your computer must meet the following requirements:

If you own a Mac, you MUST install either a Windows partition via Bootcamp or a VMWare virtual machine capable of running the Windows 10 operating system. Cognos cannot be run by the Mac OS.


Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application that allows Georgetown McDonough School of Business (MSB) to store, track, manage, and build better relationships with constituents from one place. It provides a picture of what our engagements look like with our contacts (alumni, current students, and external relations). With Salesforce, Georgetown McDonough can discover countless ways of cultivating these relationships and finding unique and valuable opportunities.

For more information about Salesforce, including FAQs, updates, and compatibility checks, go to the Salesforce page here.

Salesforce Mobile App

The Salesforce Mobile App is also now available on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices. For a complete description of the Salesforce Mobile App and its services, please visit our Salesforce Mobile App page.

Google Apps

In August 2012, the McDonough school of business transitioned away from its own individual Google Apps domain and joined the other colleges in adopting a new, university-wide domain. Georgetown students now have access of all of the applications Google provides including Mail, Calendars, and Google Drive.

To access Google Apps, please go to Georgetown Google Apps.