With Zoom, you can schedule a meeting or start an instant meeting. Students, faculty and staff can all use Zoom to connect with each other and with colleagues from around world with audio, video and screen sharing. You can invite people from both within and outside Georgetown to participate in your meeting. Faculty and staff connection times and participants are unlimited with Zoom.

Download the application here.

Everything you need to know about Zoom you can find here.

How to Install:

1. Find out how to install on a Mac here.

2. Find out how to install on Windows here.

How to Sign In:

1. Find out how to sign-in on a Mac here.

2. Find out how to sign-in on Windows here.

Host a Zoom Meeting:

Whether you want to scheduling a Zoom meeting and invite participants, start a scheduled meeting as a host, start an instant meeting, record a meeting, or learn about advanced features, find out here.

Join a Zoom Meeting:

1. Find out how to join a Zoom meeting from a Mac here.

2. Find out how to join a Zoom meeting from Windows here.

Meeting Controls:

Whether you want to put attendee or host meeting controls onto your Zoom session, find out how to do either here.

Zoom Conferencing and Canvas:

Want to know how to work Zoom in Canvas? Find out more here.

More Information:

Still confused on what Zoom is? Check out some FAQs here.

For additional resources for working and learning at home please visit this page.

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How to Pre-assign Participants to Breakout Rooms.pdf

Breakout Rooms

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File Transfer

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