alumni IT access

Below is information regarding alumni access to Georgetown University IT resources after graduation. If you have any questions please contact the Tech Center. 

The information below applies to students graduating with a Georgetown University diploma only.** If you are leaving the university but will not be receiving a diploma (i.e. exchange students, etc.), please email for information about your accounts. You must state that you are not graduating from Georgetown in your email.

Email Address

You can continue to use your email address and GMail after graduation. A 15GB account size limit is applied.*

Google Workspace Including Google Drive

Access to Georgetown University's Google Workspace apps ends. *


License to use Desktop Office applications is removed. Alumni can still access their OneDrive. *

Box Cloud Storage

License to use Box is terminated with no access. *


Instructors can make courses unavailable at any time. We recommend that you retrieve course information or documents from Canvas as soon as possible after the end of classes.

MSB Databases

Access to MSB databases is only available to currently enrolled students. Access will end with other GU services after graduation.


Graduating students retain the ability to log into MyAccess and view grades, registration history, academic program information, and order transcripts.


Anyone is welcome to visit the library and use most of its databases. 

Alumni have some remote access, but no key business sources. Click here for more information.

GOCard Debit Account

Request to Close GOCard Debit Account 

* Access to many services is modified once "student" affiliation is removed. This happens roughly 90 days after graduation. However, we recommend you act early in case assistance is needed.

** Information current as of 3/31/2023. UIS normally sends additional information to graduating students each May.