The MSB Technology Center exists to serve the IT needs of the MSB community of students, faculty and staff. As such MSBTC should be the first, and hopefully last, stop for any MSB user with an IT related issue. It is a service that is unique to Georgetown in that MSB users have a dedicated IT staff and Help Desk.

MSB users interact with both MSB-only IT services and with services provided by the University Information Systems (UIS). MSBTC can either correct the problem or assist in getting the attention of UIS Help Desk personnel. In many cases MSB users have services UIS is not prepared to address. Thus, it is important to contact MSBTC first.

The MSBTC can assist with:

The MSBTC strives to be available for person-to-person connections with one call or one e-mail. We encourage you to become familiar with the services we offer and solicit any feedback you may wish to provide.

Technology Center Operations
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The classrooms in the MSB are fully equipped with a variety of different Audio and Visual recording equipment. The Technology Center provides support for all of these systems, including: