Print Deploy Mac Installation

Note: You must be on campus in order to install and print to GU h.Print printers.

Copy and paste the URL below into the address bar of a new browser tab. Then press enter to start the download:

Open the pc-print-deploy dmg file you have just downloaded.

Double-click the PaperCut Print Deploy Client.pkg.

On the Indroduction page, click Continue.

On the License page, click Continue.

Click Agree to continue with the installation.

On the Installation Type page, click Install.

If prompted to authenticate, enter your local account password. Then click Install Software.

Click OK to allow the installer to modify system settings.

Once the software installation completes, you will see the following dialog box. Enter your GU NetID and your GU NetID password. Check the box next to "Don't show me this again." Finally, click "Sign in and add printers."

Once the printer installation has completed, both the GU_Print printer will be listed as Installed.

You can now close PaperCut Print Deploy Client window. To verify the printer installation, open your Mac's System Preferences and go to Printers & Scanners. You may wish to set the newly installed printers as the Default printer.

You can close System Preferences and click Close on the Print Deploy installation Summary page.

When asked if you want to move the Installer to the Trash, you can click Move to Trash.

If prompted for a name and password when printing to these new h.Print printers, enter your NetID and NetID Password. You can check "Remember this password to my keychain" so that you are not prompted to authenticate to the printer in the future.

Installation of the GU h.Print printers is now complete.