Change duo default device

To change your default Duo device, please follow the steps in the video or in written form. The steps in the video (linked below) are the same as the ones listed on this page.

STEP 1: When you go to in the private or incognito window, click on log in to Google Apps. You will then see the standard Georgetown login page. Type in your NetID and password as usual. 

STEP 2: When the Duo screen appears, click on "Settings" in the top right as shown in the screenshot for step 2.

STEP 3: You will then choose "My settings and devices" as shown in the screenshot for step 3.

STEP 4: Duo will ask you to authenticate. After you do that, scroll to the bottom and make sure that your default device is correct in the location shown in the screenshot for step 4. You may also wish to set Duo to automatically send you a push, which you may change just below the default device.